Which Cladding To Choose When Building New Dream House

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When constructing a home, choosing the right cladding can be an important decision to take into consideration. It helps create a more pleasing design around your home but also improves fire resistance while being environmentally friendly.

What is cladding?

Cladding is the application of materials over another that forms an extra outer layer. In home construction, cladding refers to an additional external layer that provides thermal insulation, weather resistance, and also a more pleasing appearance. In most applications, cladding is the most external layer of a building followed by a small air cavity, insulation, and finally the concrete structure.

Cladding can be made from a wide range of different materials. This includes wood, brick, vinyl, metal, and composite materials that can include wood, cement, or even aluminium.

Is cladding necessary?

Cladding isn’t necessary for building a home and there are other exterior wall options. However, cladding is generally a very convenient option as it comes in many different materials and styles that can be used to improve the appearance of your home.

But if you plan to install cladding, do take note of new building regulations that have banned the use of combustible materials in external walls over new buildings over 18 metres. While your home may not be over 18 metres, it’s important to understand why the ban is in place so that you may protect your home.

Choosing the right cladding for your dream home

As mentioned, cladding comes in a variety of different designs and materials. At GP Protech, we offer cladding options that are based on concrete products. This has several advantages over traditional cladding options:

  • A1 fire rating means it can be used in high rise development over 18 metres thanks to their “non-combustible” seal of approval.

  • We offer concrete-based products which are maintenance-free.

  • More cost-effective than regular cladding options.

  • Cheaper than natural stone cladding but equally high in quality.

  • An environmentally-friendly option for building exterior walls.

It’s worth mentioning that our external cladding solutions are built to be long-lasting and completely fireproof. This gives our customers peace of mind when installing our cladding. Cheap PVC stone cladding offered by some companies is of poor quality and can be dangerous due to a lack of A1 fire rating. These options should not be fitted as cladding for your home as it could be a safety hazard.

Some examples of our most popular cladding products include our Grenada Stone Cladding Panels that are easy to cut and install and our Grenada Stone Panels that look great as both external and internal walls. Together with our top-range S1 tile adhesive, you’ll have an easy time installing our cladding on your dream home.

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