Feature wall - Stone Cladding - Brick Slips

Feel like the walls around you are closing in? It's time for a bit of a face lift - for your walls. At GP Protech Limited, we offer a variety of options for your home's walls including brick cladding tiles, natural stone, wood effect tiles, stone slips, and gorgeous wood panels that will not only make your home look amazing, but give every room the character you've been hoping it would develop.

Why GP Protech?

Decorative stone tiles and other wall coverings can do phenomenal things for a room, but only if they come from a high quality supplier that carries the new solutions and products that create an upscale look without the excessive price tag.

At GP Protech, we work with the best suppliers in the industry, those who are committed to better products and safer options. For you, that means a chance to rethink your walls and create the perfect room without worry. It's peace of mind you just won't find with other suppliers.

A Better Selection

Besides our outstanding customer service, people turn to us again and again because of our extensive selection. Take a look at a few of our most popular choices.

  • Brick wall Tiles: We offer some of the highest quality brick slips in the world today. Our  leading supplier, STEGU offer products manufactured under European quality control standards. Made from concrete and gypsum, these brick slips look far better than other choices for decades.

  • Unique stone cladding: Stone Slips and Stone Panels: STEGU is the names to know in high quality stone cladding for your home. This isn't your average choice. Here, you'll find cladding with up to 30 mm thickness, a durable choice that creates the atmosphere of luxury in your home.

  • Artificial Timber-  You love the look of wood, but you want something a bit more durable? Our wood effects tiles are the perfect choice. Made with the strength of concrete, you still get the beauty and warmth of wood thanks to this advanced technology.

  • Natural Stone: The textures, the colours, the history . . .There's a reason stone is one of the oldest materials available for construction today. It's eternally trendy, and our stone is perfect for the inside or outside of your home. Made from 100% real stone, which translates to the quality and durability of ancient civilisations.

  • Wall Wood Panels: Create a room away from time with our real wood panels. Available in a variety of wood choices, our panels mean you can choose from traditional options like cherry and oak or beautiful beadboard that moves your room from a place to relax to a work of art
  • All above products are perfect solutions for TV walls, feature walls or as internal or external cladding for your home.