Top 5 benefits of brick slips

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Why should I use Brick slips?

Top 5 Benefits of Brick Slips

Ahh. Now this is home. When you want to improve the overall aesthetic value and feel of your house, brick slips offer a number of impressive benefits. If you want to make a change — make this change. Why?

A few reasons brick slips will be the best investment you make in your home:

1.Brick slips are cost-effective. Slips are much less expensive than their “real” brick counterparts, making it a terrific way to completely revamp the look and feel of your home without busting the budget. You also won’t have to waste time or money repainting or patching these surfaces. Perfect!

2.You can DIY it. Another area in which they save you money: you can typically install them yourself. If you’re a handyman or woman, you won’t have to hire an expensive brick mason and crew to do the work for you as you would with brick.

3.Slips are light weight. Because slip weigh far less than bricks, they can be used on surfaces that do not have substantial foundations (e.g. non-weight bearing walls).

4.They’re slim and streamlined. Because of their slim design, your brick slips will not take up valuable real estate in your home. Conventional brick work on four walls in a room can take up to 489 mm of space; cladding is usually much slimmer at 80 mm or so.

5.Brick slides are eclectic. This material can accommodate a variety of looks, from cool contemporary to cosy rustic to classy traditional. A brick aesthetic can be both incredibly modern and ultra-warm. No matter what your tastes, you can find the solutions to fit your style.

Whether you want to prepare your home for sale and increase its value or enhance your enjoyment of the space you live in, brick slides deliver the results you need. GP Protech has a variety of options for you to explore; find your new look now

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