Brick wall tiles as splash-back

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The majority of people are trying to find a plating alternative for kitchen tiles. Brick slips are excellent alternatives to use for splashbacks for the kitchen. It is easily accessible in many colours that you may see fit, you can match them to the colour of the kitchen itself, they provide a authentic 'home' feeling when cooking or preparing food.

It is also easy to install into the kitchen. Not only that, but these brick wall tiles are also is applied to it. We have some styles of brick slips to fit your decorative or kitchen needs.

Here is an example of a kitchen which uses Loft brick slips sent by our client.

loft brick kitchen splash-back

If you have any questions or wish to see more kitchen splashbacks ideas, feel free to contact GP Protech concrete based, meaning they are sturdy, fireproof and can also be water-proof if Prosil Wall sealer 

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