Sandstone feature walls

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Did you ever heard about beautiful and very expensive feature walls used by millionaires at multi million worth of houses all around the globe where 50m2 feature wall cost about 1 million pounds?

Sandstone is one of the most elegance and unique material to use at modern and traditional house projects.

We have good news ! Currently we offer Madera stone that perfectly imitates finely cutting  Sandstone for small percentage of price comparing to real sandstone.

Due to high quality standards and new technologies we save your money and most important we protecting our planet.

Sandstone imitations is made from concrete and finest ingredients and believe me, you wand see difference at look and touch!.

Madera Sandstone is CE marked to meet all safety, quality and environmental standards. If you are looking to transform your home and add a lot of prestige to your room, do not look any further, GP Protech can meet all your expectations.

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