It’s time to discover the best cheaper alternative to natural stone!

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It’s time to discover the best cheaper alternative to natural stone!

Whether renovating the kitchen, decorating the bathroom, or renovating the office, the aesthetic beauty and timeless appeal of natural stone is something every homeowner loves. Sadly, the expensive price is likely to wipe that smile straight from your face. If only there was a cheaper alternative to natural stone that could deliver the same design touches at a fraction of the cost. Step forward cultured stone cladding!

Our concrete based stone cladding is supplied by Stegu and can transform your home for the better. To find out more, get in touch with the GP Protech team on 01625 403 848 today!

What is concrete based stone cladding?

Concrete based stone cladding (often referred to as a stone veneer, stack stone, or split face) is essentially a facing material that can be fitted onto non-load bearing walls to replicate the touch, feel and shape of natural stone at a much cheaper price. Available in multiple styles, colours, and sizes, the cladding material delivers a level of decorative flexibility that truly encourages you to showcase your creative flair.

First and foremost, the stone cladding stands out as a cheaper alternative to natural stone, which makes it ideal for your home or as an investment for property development projects. However, there are a host of reasons why concrete based stone cladding is preferred, including but not limited to;

  • Easier installations due to the thin material and the fact you can add it as a decorative face to existing features.

  • Removes any fear of causing damage through breaking down walls while preparation work will be minimal too.

  • A wide range of stone cladding materials are available, allowing you to find the perfect material with predictable results.

Concrete based stone cladding can be used for internal or external applications. Whether used as a feature wall, tiling, or external cladding, it offers a convenient and cost-effective solution time and time again.

What options are available?

The vast array of stone cladding is truly one of its great selling points as it allows you to bring any vision to life with stunning results. From subtle design tweaks to aesthetic overhauls, the stone cladding is guaranteed to bring the same levels of class, luxury, and sustained beauty as natural stone. Moreover, the durable and easily maintained materials will guarantee years of beauty.

Stone cladding replicates the look of various natural stones through pale tones to deeper hues, including some of the exclusive materials that are synonymous with sophistication and exclusivity. From traditional aesthetics to contemporary appeals, some of the most eye-catching styles are;

With so many colours and styles available at affordable prices, the future of your home upgrade projects has never looked better. Whether bringing modern touches to a small ensuite bathroom or giving large living spaces the wow factor, this is the ultimate solution for any style or budget.

Take the first steps by completing an order or calling our sales team for further inspiration!

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